Monday, April 7, 2008

Ga Mantse's case resumes

By Edmund Mingle
April 7, 08

The Panel of the Greater Accra House of Chiefs which is determining suits challenging the installation of Dr Jo Blankson, resumed its sitting here on Friday, with arguments on a motion seeking an interlocutory injunction to restraining Dr Blankson from holding himself out as Ga Mantse.

The motion for interlocutory injunction which was filed in October last year by Nii Yaya Arday, head of Abola Piam We, one of the four ruling houses in Ga Mashie, is also seeking the Ga Traditional Council to be restrained from allowing Dr Blankson to act as Ga Mantse until the final determination of the case.

Bright Akwetey, Counsel for the Petitioner, arguing for the motion said Dr Blankson's continuous acting as Ga Mantse was detrimental to the outcome of the case.

He said because the substantive suit is challenging the very basis for his kingship, it was important that he was restrained.

"Whether he has been installed or not, it is important that no one holds himself out as Ga Mantse until the final determination of the case," he said. He said Dr Blankson's installation was improper because it was not the turn of Teiko Tsuru We where he hails from, to provide a candidate for the stool, but that it was the turn of Abola Piam We.

In addition, he said, the Ga State Dzaase, which is constituted by heads of the four ruling houses mandated to install a Ga Mantse did not play any role in his installation. Instead, the Nai Wolumo, Nuumo Tettey, the Ga chief priest, Nii Tetteh Ashong, head of the Teiko Tsuru We and others performed the installation.

"We are saying these people do not constitute the Ga State Dzaase," he said. He said Ahola Piam has waited for 100 years for its turn to ascend to the stool saying they have the right to the stool and that granting the motion would not be out of place.

The substantive suit which was filed in April, last year, is challenging the nomination, election and installation of Dr Blankson as King Tackie Tawiah III, saying his installation was contrary to approved Ga custom, and should therefore be declared null and void.

Responding, Willie Amarfio, Counsel for the Ga Mantse, described both the motion and the suit as "frivolous and vexatious."

He said the petitioner lacks capacity, and therefore, challenged his position as the head of Abola Piam. He said the petitioner waited for too long to file the suit, saying it was filed in March 2007, almost a year after the Respondent's installation on June 11, 2006.

"So much water has passed under the bridge," he said, and wondered where the petitioner was when the installation process was going on. He said Abola Piam We was not one of the ruling houses, saying the ruling houses were only three, namely, Teiko Tsuru We, Amugi We and Tackie Commey We.

He maintained that Dr Blankson was properly installed and that the application should be rejected. In a second case, Nii Owula Kpakpa Brofonyo, the Ga State Akwashong Mantse (chief warrior), who is also challenging the installation of Dr Blankson, counsel for the Plaintiff, Adu Gyamfi Boadu, amended the suit.

He asked that election and nomination of the Ga Mantse should be declared void, because evidence on the record at the hearing so far indicated that the election, nomination and installation did not follow Ga custom.

The suit originally asked for the installation to be declared null and void. Hearing was adjourned to April 25.

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mingle's base said...

The hearing of the cases resumes after a long break to allow the panel members who are chiefs to attend to tradtional duties including the celebration of the annual Homowo festival