Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ga Mantse Launches Attack On Ghanaian Times

Monday, 15 October 2007

By Lawrence Markwei

THE Ga Mantse, Nii Tackie Tawiah III, on Saturday unleashed a verbal attack on Ghanaian Times for what he termed "unfavourable reports" about him.

This was at a durbar at his palace in Accra on Saturday to round off this year’s Homowo festival.

In an apparent reference to his recent trip to Togo, Nii Tackie Tawiah said there is an orchestrated scheme by the media, particularly the Ghanaian Times to ridicule his kingship by peddling falsehoods about him.

He mentioned the Ghanaian Times reporter, Edmund Mingle, who has been covering the proceedings of litigation over the enstoolment of the Ga Mantse, and Charles Neequaye, the Deputy Editor, as perpetrators and brains behind the bad reportage.

"These are Gas who should know better about our tradition and culture but yet they are bent on bringing disunity to the Ga Traditional Area with their kind of scheming," he said.

He added that those who claimed that Gas cannot inherit matrilineally must take a cue from the historical antecedent of Naa Dode Akai I of Obutu whose reign was subsequently transferred to her son to continue.

"My detractors, who have been trying to foment trouble by issuing empty threats of violence and bloodshed if they do not have their way, must know that their efforts will be futile since Gas have realised their evil machinations," he said.

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